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by Dave and Jean Perry

Talking frogs? A falling sky? A town full of confused folk? What is really happening and
who can answer these questions? The librarian? The coach? The Mayor and town council?
The sweet and smart-thinking Rachel? With song, dance, and a fast-moving script,
"Thwacked" unfolds to reveal these and many other delightful characters as they
attempt to unravel the mystery in their fairytale world.  

Final performance is Friday June 29 at 6:00pm (free)
Youth Camp (5 - 12yrs) - June 25 - 29
(must have completed kindergarten and able to stay all day)
THEATER IMMERSION CAMPS ARE BACK FOR SUMMER 2017! Be in a one act musical where YOU have input to the character development,
blocking, costume design and sets as you rehearse and create the production.  Be trained by local directors in drama, dance, and voice. Everyone
gets a part in the show.  An exercise in creativity all around.  This is a great environment to push yourself as an actor, try something new, and see
how it works out.  Together with your cast, create the set pieces, props, and costume pieces. Our Directors always see a difference in the abilities
of performers who have participated in a Theater Immersion Camp.

What is a Theater Immersion Camp?

A show in a week! So much fun that Immersion Camps are one of our favorite programs! An unmatched exercise in teamwork and creativity as the
cast works together under the supervision of professional drama, dance and voice coaches to create a one-act musical.
The actors have an enormous amount of creative input to the production. Every actor comes to us with a different skill set. We strive to meet them
where they are, push them enough that they are proud and feel accomplished, while making sure that they have fun and don't feel stressed.

Day 1- Auditions and acting exercises - Auditions are low key and fun, no preparation is necessary for auditions! They are very similar to the
auditions for the two-act musicals. After auditioning, acting and teamwork exercises/games are held. By the end of the day every child knows their
part, goes home with their own script, and rehearsal CD.

Day 2 - The cast brainstorms and plans the sets and props. Actors work with Drama, Dance and Voice Coaches to learn their parts.

Day 3 - Actors work with Drama, Dance and Voice Coaches to learn their parts. Actors create any sets, props, or costume pieces that they planned
on Day 2. Usually this is a messy day, with plenty of paint being used! Any actor who doesn't enjoy the art part of the camp is invited to play
theatre games. Often a tough choice!

Day 4 - Finish learning any parts of the show that haven't been covered. Finish creating any art projects that are necessary. Continue rehearsing
with drama, dance and voice coaches.

Day 5 - Dress Rehearsal! Perform the show for family and friends in the evening. You will be tremendously proud of this show that you helped
the Granny Awards
Janet Gardner - Alfred Music Publishing

Tonight's the night we've all been waiting for!  Granny, who has retired from show
business, will be honoring all of our favorite fairy tale characters!  Who will win Best
Female Vocalist? Best Male Vocalist?  Best Dramatic Scene?  Best Choreography?  Best
Rap?  And the most coveted Best Villain Award?  Tune in to see and hear your favorite
performers!  And don't forget to keep an eye on that nasty Big Bad Wolf, as he tries to
steal the treasured  Granny Award during the show!  Cast includes Granny, the Seven
Helpers, Snow White, Jack (of "Jack & The Beanstalk"), Cinderella and her Prince, Jack &
Jill, the Three Pigs, the Fairy Godmother, and more. Includes six musical numbers and two

Final performance is Friday July 20 at 6:00pm (free)
Camp Hours:
Camp - 9am - 4pm
Early Drop - 7:30
Late Pickup - 5:30
Youth Camp (5 - 12yrs) - July 16 - 20
(must have completed kindergarten and able to stay all day)
Midsummer Night's Dream, A - Youth Musical
Musical Adaptation of the William Shakespeare Play
By Audrey Snyder

Be transported to a land of kings and queens, fairies and nymphs, music and madrigal,
and most of all, trickery and love! Young performers can now experience the work of
William Shakespeare in this fresh rendition of his classic play. The 60-minute production
features eight original songs in a variety of musical styles, from madrigal to rap

Final performance is Friday August 10 at 6:00pm (free)
Youth Camp (8 - 16yrs) - August 6 - 10
(only camp for teens)
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