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“Harmony High”
A Musical for Young Voices.
Composers: John Jacobson and Mac Huff

It's the first day of school, and new students Michael, Michele and Junior are about to
discover what the singing is all about. The principal loves to vocalize and everyone's a
winner in Jim the gym teacher's gym. The classical cooks of the cafeteria are always
ready to dine, the whacky science class is really rockin' and the students in detention are
even singing (the blues that is).  Clever original songs, zany antics and a creative script.

Final performance is Friday June 30 at 7:00pm (free)
Youth Camp (5 - 12yrs) - June 26 - 30
(must have completed kindergarten)
THEATER IMMERSION CAMPS ARE BACK FOR SUMMER 2017! Be in a one act musical where YOU have input to the character development,
blocking, costume design and sets as you rehearse and create the production.  Be trained by local directors in drama, dance, and voice. Everyone
gets a part in the show.  An exercise in creativity all around.  This is a great environment to push yourself as an actor, try something new, and see
how it works out.  Together with your cast, create the set pieces, props, and costume pieces. Our Directors always see a difference in the abilities
of performers who have participated in a Theater Immersion Camp.

What is a Theater Immersion Camp?

A show in a week! So much fun that Immersion Camps are one of our favorite programs! An unmatched exercise in teamwork and creativity as the
cast works together under the supervision of professional drama, dance and voice coaches to create a one-act musical.
The actors have an enormous amount of creative input to the production. Every actor comes to us with a different skill set. We strive to meet them
where they are, push them enough that they are proud and feel accomplished, while making sure that they have fun and don't feel stressed.

Day 1- Auditions and acting exercises - Auditions are low key and fun, no preparation is necessary for auditions! They are very similar to the
auditions for the two-act musicals. After auditioning, acting and teamwork exercises/games are held. By the end of the day every child knows their
part, goes home with their own script, and rehearsal CD.

Day 2 - The cast brainstorms and plans the sets and props. Actors work with Drama, Dance and Voice Coaches to learn their parts.

Day 3 - Actors work with Drama, Dance and Voice Coaches to learn their parts. Actors create any sets, props, or costume pieces that they planned
on Day 2. Usually this is a messy day, with plenty of paint being used! Any actor who doesn't enjoy the art part of the camp is invited to play
theatre games. Often a tough choice!

Day 4 - Finish learning any parts of the show that haven't been covered. Finish creating any art projects that are necessary. Continue rehearsing
with drama, dance and voice coaches.

Day 5 - Dress Rehearsal! Perform the show for family and friends in the evening. You will be tremendously proud of this show that you helped
Dig It!
A Musical Tale of Ancient Civilizations.
Composers: John Jacobson and Roger Emerson

Travel back in time and join inquisitive archaeologists Taki and Tut, and their friend
Lucy, as they explore the wonders of ancient civilization. From the farm laborers of
early Mesopotamia and Egyptian mummies who "rap," to a chorus of ancient Greeks and
Romulus and Remus who dream of building a great city, you will love discovering the
archaeological mysteries of the past.

Final performance is Friday July 21 at 7:00pm (free)
Camp Hours:
Camp - 9am - 4pm
Early Drop - 7:30
Late Pickup - 5:30
Youth Camp (5 - 12yrs) - July 17 - 21
(must have completed kindergarten)
A Kid's Life
A How-To Musical Guide To The Most Daring, Dangerous, Exciting Time... Like... Ever.
Composers: John Jacobson and Mac Huff

A massive electromagnetic attack from outer space has jammed all technical systems,
and there is no electricity, no cell phone service, and no internet! The kids are in a
panic and don't know what to do, until Grandpa and Grandma arrive and introduce them
to a day filled with adventure, music and imagination, without any fancy gadgets. This
creative musical features seven original songs and an out of this world storyline. This
camp will also dedicate time to work on Audition, theater resume’s and how to pick 16
bars of a song for an audition.

Final performance is Friday August 18 at 7:00pm (free)
Youth Camp (8 - 15yrs) - August 14 - 18
(only camp for teens)
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